The treatment of a future that begins now

Scientific progress in stem cell-based regenerative medicine has been impressive. It is no longer a distant dream: stem cell therapies are increasingly common and effective. Isolation, propagation and preservation of these cells are the only way to ensure that they might be used in case of future necessity. Therapeutic possibilities range from treating diseases that are now incurable (diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease, for example) to less severe conditions such as burns and fractures.

Discovering a hidden treasure

The baby tooth holds a precious treasure that can benefit the health of your child throughout his or her entire lifetime: stem cells capable of assisting in the regeneration of different types of tissues and organs, such as:

  • Muscle

  • Teeth

  • Skin

  • Beta cells (pancreas)

  • Cartilage

  • Nerve tissue and Adipose tissue

  • Bone

  • Heart tissue

  • Liver

How does the cultivation of this precious treasure work?

Imagine your child’s baby tooth as a little seed.


We will refer you to an accredited health care professional who will be responsible for a physical examination and for scheduling the collection.


In the scheduled date, the little seed will be collected and stored in appropriate conditions for transportation to R-Crio.


Once the seed is in our hands, we will sow it and cultivate it with all care and dedication that a life deserves.


After expansion and quality testing, we will send you a Stem Cells Cryopreservation Certificate.

From then on, you can contact us and request a harvest whenever your child needs.

A little seed planted today can blossom into a fulfilling and healthy life.

When and how should the tooth be extracted?

The sooner the extraction is carried out, the younger the collected cells and the better the results and the quality of the material will be. However, that does not mean that after the loss of the first baby tooth you can no longer store them.

Once the tooth is extracted, it will be sent to R•Crio and will receive excellent care with procedures that guarantee the quality and multiplication of the material collected.

Your child can use the cells in more than one occasion, as they may go through more than one multiplication process and be stored indefinitely.

Why are the stem cells from the pulp of baby teeth special compared to others? (Comparative table)